Photos: Jaan Vahtra

St Matthew’s

Evangelical Lutheran Church,

Regent Street, Fredericton,

New Brunswick

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In full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada...Sermons by Jim Irvine at

St Matthew Lutheran Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


20 Sermon delivered at St Matthew's ELCIC, Fredericton 07



Preached during Epiphany

January 28 • Presentation of Christ in the Temple

February 11 • An Epiphany Litany of Redemption

Preached during Lent

February 25 • Purple is fashionable -- twice

March 11 • Of God we ask one favour

March 25 • Feast of the Annunciation

April 1 • The trumpet will sound... and we shall be changed

Preached during Easter

April 22 • Pomegranates fall silent

May 13 • A delivery agent of Grace

Preached during Pentecost

May 27 • You will be my witnesses beginning here

June 10 • Weave our varied gifts together

June 24 • Those who have seen me have seen my Father

July 8 • If God doesn’t build the house...

July 22 • Jesus loves me...

August 12 • He who wills the end...

August 26 • A bruised reed he will not break...

September 9 • What Did Jesus Do?

September 23 • Compassed us about...

October 14 • Wholesome Medicines

October 28 • Kodachrome

November 11 • Looking for Shalom

November 25 • Circadian Rhythms


William Marshall's O COME EMMANUEL -- Autumn 2007Preached during Advent

December 9 • Don’t Let the Light Go Out

December 23 • The Reason for the Season...


Preached during Christmastide

December 30 • A Wise Man Showed Me...


My Sermons at St Matthew's

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