Photos: Jaan Vahtra

St Matthew’s

Evangelical Lutheran Church,

Regent Street, Fredericton,

New Brunswick

Read... mark... learn... and inwardly digest...!

One of my four felines helping with a homily...

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In full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada...Sermons by Jim Irvine at

St Matthew Lutheran Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


20 Sermon delivered at St Matthew's ELCIC, Fredericton 09



Preached during Epiphany

January 11 • The Music Went On...

January 25 • When was it we saw you thirsty...

February 8 • How Blest are They...

February 22 • A Journey Begun

Preached during Lent

March 8 • Christian faith is tactile

March 15 • Sabacthani

Preached during Easter

April 26 • Light of the World

May 10 • “Do you love me?” asked Jesus

May 24 • ’Tis hard to hold on to the Faith...


Preached during Pentecost

Covering for Pastor Douglas Moore

June 14 • The Paradox of Martyrdom

August 2 • “I will forgive their wickedness...”

November 22 •  


My Sermons at St Matthew’s

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