Summer Trip Calgary 08

"where I got my head in a hat"



Calgary Zoo - Part A


The Calgary Zoo found us exploring wild Africa and South America.  Plumed porcupines and boa constrictors greeted us as we entered the Hippo enclosure.  The baby giraffe stretched in the sun while the lioness languished in the summer shade.  We found a baby gorilla and its mother along with a silver back before having lunch in the cafeteria.  After lunch we entered the South America enclosure with flamingos.

We arrive at the Calgary Zoo Plumed Pocupine Boa Constrictor Hippo at lunch Baby Giraffe Lioness Entering the Gorilla enclosure Baby Gorilla and Mother Silverback Gorilla Lunch at the cafeteria Flamingos

Calgary Zoo - Part B


Check out the Video Clip by Mary Byrne

Mother Gorilla and Baby



Midi: Wildwood Flower

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