Summer Trip Calgary 08

"where I got my head in a hat"



Calgary Zoo - Part D


A highlight was the greenhouse housing the succulents and the exotic butterfly exhibit.  Can you spot the butterfly feeding on the grapefruit?  (It is camophlaged as a leaf!)  Next to the grapefruit and leaf butterfly photo is a massive jade plant that has a thick wooden trunk!  Gold fish can be seen in the pool by the fountain. Exiting the enclosed atrium we came across "Enough!" - the playful bronze of a young boy sampling the ice cream cone under the girl's protestation.  We made our obligatory visit to the souvenir shop before we headed back to the train.

Atrium Butterfly Butterfly -- looks like a leaf Atrium AtriumAtrium Atrium Atrium Bronze -- sharing an ice cream cone Gift Store Heading toward the train

Calgary Zoo - Part A


Midi: Wildwood Flower

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