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An Imperfect Life


Fresh is the Snowfall

Harold Macdonald


Harold Macdonald[Tune: Morning has broken]


Morning has broken!

Fresh is the snowfall

Sparkling like diamonds

In the dawn’s light:

Praise in the stillness

Of winter’s resting!

Praise in the fierceness

Of winter’s might!


Morning has broken!

Pink lights the prairies!

Warm are the colours

Of the dawn's cold.

Yours is the beauty!

Glory is yours, when

Day brushes tree tops

With burnished gold!


Morning has broken!

Lynx, wolf and coyote,

(Winter fur warms them),

Stealthily move:

Little birds pecking

Berries on bushes,

Fluffing their feathers,

Speak of your love!


Morning has broken!

We stand before You

Bathed in the dawning

Of the new day!

We would be one with

Beauty around us.

Lord, recreate us

In every way!


Copyright © Harold Macdonald, Poems from the Eighth Decade