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39 Below


This goes to Number 168  in ye olde blue booke "Welcome happy morning", an Easter hymn but now a kind of earthy  vernacular Christmas carol. "Hard as hell" is not blasphemy: it is a reference to the need for very very hot flames to combat this deplorable weather. Cheers. H.M.


Harold MacdonaldWelcome fiery furnace

burning hard as hell

heat is what is needed

for a warm NoŽl

In the barn itís frigid

thirty nine below

horses feet are stamping

everywhere itís snow

Welcome fiery furnace, etc


Welcome burning gases

flammable, thank God

from an ancient greenery

from a rotting sod

from Devonian forests

countless years ago

conquers winterís freezing

warms the status quo.

Welcome fiery furnace, etc


Could there be a manger

Such a chilly barn!

Would the incarnation

need a touch of warm?

Noggin hot for Joseph

wassail for the Maid

extra set of blankets

where the Child is laid

Welcome fiery furnace, etc


Shepherds blow on fingers

try the farmerís brew

ďAs it comesĒ they murmur

ďdonít mind if I doĒ

See the little Christ Child

on this coldest morn

hostile is the weather

eager to be born.

Welcome fiery furnace, etc  


Welcome holy Jesus

on the shortest day

light is sharply slanting

pale its weakest ray.

We will greet you, Jesus,

with our furnace blaze

You are God among us

Hear our warmest praise

Welcome fiery furnace, etc