Advent Festival of Carols and Lessons

Christmas Poetry

Harold Macdonald Poetry

An Imperfect Life





When Joseph came with Mary Mild


To the tune for Good Christian men rejoice...

(a carol in inclusive language)


Harold MacdonaldWhen Joseph came with Mary mild

to Bethlehem, and she with child

to become enrolled by name;

Shame! Shame!

to be taxed and taxed again.

The Babe of God surpassing worth

in a manger came to birth;

Beasts and shepherds came,

Beasts and shepherds came.


In David’s city Christ was born;

the Saviour came on Christmas morn;

bells of God rang out their song

Ding! Dong!

God for whom the homeless long

found no place to lay one's head

love and poverty, the bed.

Jesus rights the wrong,

Jesus rights the wrong.


Good shepherds watching in the fields

beheld the glory God revealed;

Peace on earth, the angels say

Stay! Stay!

God be with us every day

Emmanuel for great and small

Child of love in manger stall;

the Child our ransom pays

the Child our ransom pays.


Though tears of sorrow drown the earth,

less the gloom and more the mirth,

tell the story of God’s child!

Smile! Smile!

God has come the extra mile!

Meekly God surrenders Self

confers on us eternal health

Confers eternal worth!

Confers eternal worth!