The KoranThe Nativity of Jesus,

Blessd be He,

in the Koran

English Translations


Andre du Ryer

George Sale

Rev. J. M. Rodwell

Edward Henry Palmer

Marmaduke Pickthall

Dr. Richard Bell

A. J. Arberry


Festivals of Light

The Nativity Narrative is found in the Koran and the seven translations of the passage hyperlinked to the left will introduce the story of Jesus' Birth as it is understood in Islam.

The site is featured in the effort to clarify in the mind of the Christian the role ascribed to Jesus, Blessd be He.

The seven segments constitute the Preface to The Koran Interpreted - A Translation by A. J. Arberry, A Touchstone Book published by Simon & Schuster, 1996; pages 7 through 28.

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