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Some titles may be repeated


Colorless Yuletide

Castanea Seed Vesicated in a Conflagration

Singular Yearning for the Twin Anterior Incisors

Righteous Darkness

Arrival Time: 24:00 Hours/Weather Conditions: Cloudless

Loyal Followers Advance

Far Off in a Feedbox

Array the Corridors

Lilliputian Male Percussionist

Monarchial Triad

Nocturnal Noiselessness

Jehovah Deactivate Blithe Chevaliers

Red Man en Route to Borough

Frozen Precipitation Commence

Proceed and Enlighten on the Pinnacle

Antlered Quadruped Valentino Namesake with the Vermilion Proboscis

Query, regarding the Identity of Juvenile

Delight for this Planet

Give Attention to the Melodious Celestial Beings

The Gross Square Root Festive Twenty-four Hour Intervals

Jocund Elderly Martyr Lacking Five Cent Pieces

Expect My Arrival at my Domicile for Yuletide

Tintinabulate Hollow, Cup-shaped Metal Instruments

Perambulating in a Terrain of Stupefaction from 12/21 to 3/19

Oh Diminutive Hamlet of Israel South of Jerusalem

Hallucinating About an Ivory Yuletide in the First Person Narrative

Metallic Element AG Cup-shaped musical Instruments

Oh Yuletide Tall Woody plant

I Witnesses Maternal Parent Osculating Bewhiskered Male in a Carmine Ensemble

Female Ancestor Experienced Collision with Rangifer Tarandus

Boreal Ice Crystal Homo Sapien

To This Place Advances the Personification of the Spirit of Christmas

From dark till dawn, soundless and sanctimonious

Celestial messengers from splendid empires

The event occurred at one minute after 11:59 p.m. with visibility unlimited

Ornament the enclosure with large sprigs of berry-bearing evergreen

Personal hallucinations of an alabaster Dec. 25

Anticipation of this noelís mementos: Nil

Testimony of witness to maternal parent's affection for Kris Kringle

Clappered inverted cups, amalgamated

In a distant bovine diner

Universal elation

miniature Nazarene village

The approach of the holiday commemorating the birth of Christ is becoming evident

May Jehovah grant unto you hilarious males retirement

Those of you who are true, come here

Are you detecting the same aural sensations as I am?

The diminutive male of less than adult age who plays a percussion instrument

Primary Yuletide

Heavenly cherubs announcing in song -- listen

Reigning monarchs of the Far East

Who is the mystery kid?

Proclaim it to the hills

Pastoral woolies nocturnally observed in vigilance by herdsman.


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