the penultimate


for the Festivals of Light...


2008 - Hail Mary, full of Grace


1999 - " know neither the day nor the hour."

2004 - Purple is fashionable - twice...

2009 - Ring Out Wild Bells



Don't let the Light go out

A Great Miracle Happened There



2000 - The Reason for the Season

2001 - Tidings of a gospel true

2002 - The Christmas Rush

2003 - Beyond the upper branches

2004 - Spread out on Water

2005 - Oy! What a Season

2006 - A voice was heard in Ramah...

2007 - Life is like a mountain railroad

2008 - A Great Miracle Happened There

2009 - The December Man



...all who heard were astonished...

How blest are those who show mercy, mercy shall be shown to them

a bruised reed he will not break...

When was it that we saw you... hungry and fed you, or thirsty...?

Heaven and earth will pass away, my words will never pass away

A Wise Man showed me

Ignorance and Want

This after all was not their epiphany

It would have been enough for us

Thou my best thought

They look like their Dad

I Will Lead You All In the Dance...



...for my eyes have seen your salvation...

Your power... will bring honour to your people Israel

A Light to Lighten the Gentiles

I wanted to be in on it...!


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