Purple Ribbon Campaign

to end Domestic Violence...


Ashes to Easter


the penultimate WORD:

Purple is fashionable twice

Purple is the colour for Lent, but it is also the colour of bruises.  Some may be more familiar with bruises than with Lent.  In any event, Jesus ministry brought him into a world that has been no stranger to abuse.  Or bruises.

A lot of bruises cannot be seen...

If you have been bruised, then this page is for you.

If you have bruised another, this page is for you.

If you intend to keep Lent, you dont want to avoid this page.

The bruised, the bruisers, you and me... by his wounds we have been healed...

Bruises women have sustained at the hands of their abusers. It is time to remind our country of the hidden secrets many women and children face daily,  in they’re nice warm pretty homes! Hidden behind closed doors.  In a place they thought at one time would serve as comfort and love. These Women Could be:

Your Best Friend... Your Mom... Your Daughter... A Co-Worker...

A sweet, quiet neighbour... Possibly even you

There are many faces in domestic violence. There is no stereo type situation Strong Powerful Women, Stay-at-Home-Wives and Mothers, The President of the PTA, The clerk in the grocery store. A CEO in charge of a corporation. The woman being beat can be anyone! The only trait this woman will have in common with all the others is, she knows all to well, how to hide the abuse from others. She carries her scars inside, and hides the bruises from your eyes. She needs to know, and we all must join hands to show her that she does not have to walk alone anymore!

So often, time and time again, a woman being abused hides the abuse. She is embarrassed. She has very little self value. It has been stolen from her, by her abuser. She usually demonstrates low self esteem. She feels like a failure. She walks alone, afraid to let anyone in. She feels no one will understand. She feels worse yet, you will judge her. I encourage you to stand for this woman. To take her hand, gently. To be there to listen, without judging. She needs a true friend. She needs a shoulder. She needs you. Her life may depend on you.

Become acquainted with Domestic Violence. Step up to bat for women who are being abused. Become more aware. Spread the word. Offer safety. Get involved. Spread the word. Involve others. We can all Make A Difference, one heart at a time!