Yule be Baking...

Check out these delights for the Yuletide...

You will spend some worthwhile time in the kitchen!


The following may be sung to Ode to Joy


Fruitcake, puddings, and plum pudding

Smothered deep in mother’s sauce;

Shortbread, pie crust brimming over

Not a salad will we toss.

Christmas season comes with sugar

Measured, melted, caramelized,

Sprinkled, coloured, layered, blended,

In our cookies and our pies.


Carol Anningson


Dear Monsignor,

I handed in my final marks yesterday for the courses I was in charge of. So it's baking time for the Bishop Beaver College Annual Yuletide Fête. I was half way through my recipe for the cake when I had to rush out for some more liquid ingredients. When I came out of the supermarket I could not find my bicycle anywhere. I looked and looked but was just getting colder. Fortunately my bottle of Teachers was in the bag so I took a nip to warm myself up. Next thing I know I was sitting at home in front of the fireplace with a cup of black coffee. Dr. Sofie N'Twinkie was on at me for being an embarrassment etc. I have no idea what she was on about. We finished a convivial evening doing the baking together. She's passed out in front of the fire now.

You'll love the recipe, Vera


Admiral Sir Horatio NelsonIts impossible to age a fruitcake too long, say those in the know. If stored in an airtight container and basted occasionally with liquor, itll keep indefinitely... Then again, the same could have been said of Admiral Nelson!


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