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Episcopal Church

Cathedral Church of SS Peter and Paul, Washington



Canon Jim Irvine

Canon Jim Irvine

Canon of Christ Church Cathedral

Diocese of Fredericton


Frank Griswold

25th Presiding Bishop

and Primate of the Episcopal Church USA

Frank Griswold


Episcopal-Lutheran Sermon

Installation of Archbishop Hutchison as Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada


Ash Wednesday 2006



Christmas Greeting 2004

Advent 2005

Christmas Greeting 2005

Easter 2006


World Trade Centre

My joy is gone...

Military Strikes


Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina



A Word to the Church: the Windsor Statement



Christmas Prayer

Katharine Jefferts Schori

26th Presiding Bishop

and Primate of the Episcopal Church USA


Grow in All Things into Christ

As Presiding Bishop-elect

Investiture Sermon Nov 4, 2006

Seating Service Nov 5, 2006



God among us Christmas 2006

Discipline of Lent Lent 2008

Signs of new life Easter 2008



World AIDS Day 2006




Frank Griswold  Rowan Williams  Katharine Jefferts Schori

Frank Griswold Rowan Williams Katharine Jefferts Schori

At Lambeth Palace October 2006






Spirituality and Vocation

Sermons for the Festivals of Light

World Trade Center

Canterbury Tales: The Parson

Anglican Consultative Council

Episcopal Sermons



Ecumenical Humour


Smoking Bishop



Bishop Beaver College

I am an Anglican (ECUSA)

We Are the Very Model...

My first funeral

Sermons and Pulpits

Garrison Keillor on Episcopalians

I'm a Roman Catholic... and I'm an Anglican


Ecumenical Agreed Statements

Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreed Statements

BEM Document Baptism Eucharist Ministry

Historical Documents

Thirty-Nine Articles

Lambeth Quadrilateral 1888

Catechism of the Episcopal Church



+Roderick Codpiecium, Bishop of Wenchoster

The Wenchoster Forum


Church of England

Church of England


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