John Donne, Dean of St. Paul's, London



St. Paul's. In the Evening. 
Upon the Day of St. Paul's Conversion.
January 25, 1628/9

ALAS, they, we, men of this world, …have no minds to change. The Platonique Philosophers did not only acknowledge Animam in homine, a soule in man, but Mentem in anima, a minde in the soul of man. They meant by the minde, the superior faculties of the soule, and we never come to exercise them. Men and women call one another inconstant, and accuse one another of having changed their minds, when, God knowes, they have but changed the object of their eye, … An old man loves not the same sports that he did when he was young, nor a sicke man the same meats that hee did when hee was well: But these men have not changed their mindes; The old man hath changed his fancy, and the Sick man his taste; neither his minde.

[LXXX, Sermons (48), 1640]

Fr. Lance Mc Adam

The Study has been prepared by Father Lance McAdam

who entered into rest July 14, 2003

May his soul, and the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

And light perpetual shine upon him.

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