Rat zingerszingers...






Oscar for Ratatouille


Highland Shepherd Resources


Bishop Beaver College Thespian Muses


Check out the Holy Fathers Sisters at Nunsense




O mein Papa












Ex Benedict

Enthronement Hymn

African Mitre Saves Lives!

Bottoms up

For sale

First Papal Decree

The poached cap

Clothes horse

Liturgical change with an Octoberfest edge

Glee Club

He's got a little list...

I am the monarch of...

When I was a lad...

Heres the t-shirt...!

Magisterial Man


Benedict's To-Do List

Benedict staying the course


Oh No!

Eggs for breakfast

Not in Kansas

Back in Kansas

Christmas Grinch

The Pope and the Rabbi

Exchanging the Mitre...

Altercation with the Easter Bunny