Norman Rockwell: The Turkey Shoot - To turkeys, Thanksgiving is carnage!

Nothing Puritanical



Harvest Thanksgiving...

Gun-tottin Puritans

had their sights set on wild Turkeys and Churchmen!

Highland Shepherd Resources


Autumn pumpkins

Trick or treat

Thanksgiving is carnage...

Monsignor's Cats at Halloween

Birds of a feather...

Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want

St Michael and All Angels September 29


St Francis of Assisi October 4

Some have more than others... a lot more

The last word

Expectations and Disappointments


Coffee beans


Prayer of Thanks


The penultimate WORD - Thanksgiving Series...

1998 What must we do... to perform the works of God? 

1999 Those who sowed with tears will reap with songs of joy...

2000 It is the things that come out of him that defile a man, said Jesus

2001 I am a potter shaping evil against you...

2002 Extravagance and Greed

2003 Honour others more than you do yourself...

2004 "May with us give thanks..."

2005 We ask that your blessing remain with us...