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Series 1998


The Irvine Tartan  My monthly column in The New Brunswick Anglican


1999 Series

Return to THE HIGHLAND SHEPHERD Home PageProper 12 | Where do we find God? 

Proper 14 | When we are obedient in small things…

Proper 15 | ...a plum line in the hand of the Lord.

Proper 16 | A famine of hearing the words of the Lord...

Proper 17 | Familiar passages of scripture put us at a disadvantage...

Proper 18 | Jesus doesn’t accept me to the exclusion of others...

Proper 19 | Who will have our heart?

Proper 20 | "Do you think that I have come to bring peace... ?

Proper 21 | Sabbath observance is foundational

Proper 22 | There is a crack... a crack in everything.

Proper 23 | The clay. The wheel. The potter. 

Proper 30 | ...they were righteous and regarded others with contempt.

St. Peter Thanksgiving on the Anniversary of a Parish

Holy Cross | Who comes from God, as Word and Breath?

St. Michael and All Angels | Satan is not in hell...  Not yet.

October | "What must we do… to perform the works of God?" 

November |  Hallowe'en… All Hallows’ Eve… a Christian’s Choice 

December | …all who heard were astonished

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