Easter Study 2006

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Home Study Series

Anglican Church of Canada

Easter 2006

Resurrection hope of the Faith Community: a call to begin again...

1. Session 1  April 25

  • Achtung! / Warning! / Peligro!

  • From SNAFU to FUBAR

2. Session 2  May 2

  • Beyond FUBAR

3. Session 3  May 9

  • A Living Leaking God

4. Session 4  May 16

  • Death before Resurrection

  • Our Lady of the X‑Files and Zorba

5. Session 5  May 23

  • Rasslin’ toward Resurrection

  • No Religion Too


Andrew Hutchison - Primate of CanadaPrimate of the
Anglican Church of Canada

Andrew S. Hutchison's Easter Address to the Church - 2006

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As we move through this holiest of weeks towards the victory of the cross, I greet you in the name of the Risen Christ.

In February this year, with 12 other Canadian Anglicans, I attended the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches. It was held in Latin America for the first time (in Brazil) bringing together 4,000 Christians from more than 350 churches, along with observers and interfaith partners. The theme, and the prayer, of the Assembly was God in Your Grace Transform the World.

Stories from every part of the church gave witness to the transforming love of God in the living Christ. Stories of hardship, suffering, sacrifice and even martyrdom gave evidence of the servant Christ walking the way of this Holy Week among his people. He continues to accept the consequences of human brokenness and sin to the point of death on the cross, and in that sacrifice offers forgiveness to all who will receive it. He is wounded by our transgressions, and by his stripes we are healed.”As we move more intentionally into that reality once again, pray for yourself, pray for the Church, and pray for the world.

Easter breaks upon us with the new light, life and hope that transformed the disciples, and is Christ's gift to the church forevermore. May the victory of the Risen Christ bless you and your household, bless his family the church, transform the world for which he gave himself, and make us agents of that transformation.

Yours faithfully,



+ Andrew S. Hutchison
Archbishop and Primate