Easter Study 2006

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Home Study Series

Easter 2006

Resurrection hope of the Faith Community: a call to begin again...

1. Session 1  April 25

  • Achtung! / Warning! / Peligro!

  • From SNAFU to FUBAR

2. Session 2  May 2

  • Beyond FUBAR

3. Session 3  May 9

  • A Living Leaking God

4. Session 4  May 16

  • Death before Resurrection

  • Our Lady of the X‑Files and Zorba

5. Session 5  May 23

  • Rasslin’ toward Resurrection

  • No Religion Too


Presiding Bishop


Frank T. Griswold - Easter Message to the Church 2006


Our Easter song
       is more than a word.
It is, as St. Augustine tells us, a way of being
     from head to toe.
Christ rises in every particle of our being
and through baptism
       we are part of him:
       limbs and members of his risen body
       and ministers of his deathless, reckless
               reconciling love.
May we be given the grace
       to embody our Easter song
               for the sake of the world.


+ Frank T. Griswold
Presiding Bishop
Episcopal Church USA