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Easter Study 2007

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From the Office of the

Bishop of the
Darsis of Wenchoster

Roderick Codpieciums Easter Address to the Church - 2007


If you are lake me (end I know thet some of you are) then dispate the rigours of Lint end the litargical pressures of Holy Wick, we awl harbour secret pleasures when it comes to this tame of the yar.  The rough clawth of the Linten array brushing against the alb as one traverses the altar; the smoke end smell of the cendles es they are extinguished one bay one during the Maundy Tharsday Vigil; the bleck vistments on Good Frayday; (May!  How they make me end the Dean look pale!) the oysters end champagne thet evening in the Pelace; the aroma of frish-cut flars thet fill the charches we decorate on Holy Saturday;  end finally, but never least, the rosy glow on the chicks of the cwarboys es they roam the Pelace grinds in sarch of Easter Eggs on Sunday morning.

Awl this simply illustrates something thet I have farmly believed ever since I was a young awltar boy et the Charch of Saint Embrose the Flemboyant:  Holy Wick is a tame for the pagan end the pious, for the sinces es well es the seriousness; for the body es well es the soul.

May the Parschal Mystery bliss you awl.

+ Roderick Codpiecium