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Good Friday 2014

Christ Church (Parish) Church

Fredericton, New Brunswick

April 18, 2014   12 Noon - 3:00 p.m.


The Reverend Anthony Kwaw

Rector of Fredericton


The Reverend Canon Jim Irvine

Honorary Assistant

Guest Homilist




First refection

We approach the Cross


Second reflection



Third reflection

With me...


Fourth reflection



Fifth reflection



Sixth reflection

I thirst


Seventh reflection



Eighth reflection

Into your hands



Theme hymn

Who Comes from God...?






2004 Emily Dickinson and Jesusí Last Words


2009 Modesty Woven by Prayer


2010 I Will Sing as I Journey


2011 Come and Follow Me


2012 Holy is the Name I Know


2013 Let Streams of Living Justice


2015 We cannon measure how you heal




Ashes to Easter


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