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Good Friday 2014

Christ Church (Parish) Church

Fredericton, New Brunswick

April 18, 2014   12 Noon - 3:00 p.m.


The Reverend Anthony Kwaw

Rector of Fredericton


The Reverend Canon Jim Irvine

Honorary Assistant

Guest Homilist



Theme hymn

Who Comes from God...?

Who comes from God, as Word and Breath?
Holy Wisdom.
Who holds the keys of life and death?
Mighty Wisdom:
Crafter and Creator too,
eldest, she makes all things new;
she completes what God would do.
Wisest one, radiant one,
welcome, holy Wisdom!

Who lifts her voice for all to hear?
Joyful Wisdom.
Who shapes a thought and makes it clear?
Truthful Wisdom:
Teacher, drawing out our best,
magnifies what we invest,
names our truth, directs our quest.
Wisest one, radiant one,
welcome, holy Wisdom!

Whom should we seek with all our heart?
Loving Wisdom.
Who once revealed will not depart?
Faithful Wisdom:
Partner, Counselor, Comforter,
love has found none lovelier;
life is gladness lived with her.
Wisest one, radiant one,
welcome, holy Wisdom!


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