Fields of Vimy



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Harold Macdonald

Even now, the plow

turns up the buttons,  buckles

badges of the war,

in blood rich fields

near Vimy, tilling

not so deep

as to disturb

the sleeping ones;

these fields of France

their final place of                                       the incantation to the greatness

rest.                                                              of your land and your

Beside  you                                                  achievement! Are your

traces of the enemy,                                   corpuscles a little brighter,

a bed mate now;                                         his dulled by dirges

the DNA would tell. You                           of defeat? It

may have shot him                                     was not enough. Another

in the moment of your death.                   war was needed to

Or were you blown away together             at last exhaust, deplete

by a shell from either side?                          the manhood of our nations

Together now for ever                                 and Canada, now burnishing

in the foreign fields                                     its arms, came once again

of France,                                                     gave up it’s dead. Catharsis

a German gene beside                                  bled the way to peace for many

a chromosome from                                    years. We grieve. Our

Canada. Not even                                        sorrow turns more easily

God can tell.                                                 to thanks and thanks

Your mingled blood                                     to glory, glory introduces

is now a poppy’s                                            pride and pride is friends

blush.                                                             with war.

You were a great success                               You are not alone. We

collectively you took                                    sorrow too. And soon enough

the ridge. Observe the                                   you will be joined by others

splendid monument!                                    just as young

Hear the praise,                                              as you.