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The General
Synod 2007

Harold Macdonald

In the crescendo of the world’s beseeching,

the deafening cries of children hurt and hungry,

the agony of tortured, wounded, angry -

See our confusion, in both deed and preaching


We are blinded by abundant certainties

They cancel each the other, leaving only dark;

the opposites, for compromise, too stark.

Derision, enmity our occupational disease.


Turn from the greater needs of human kind

for a moment, show your holy face

and we, as one, acknowledging your grace

may come to unity and peace of mind


At an impasse, more we cannot go.

Strike with your grace, a healing blow.


Music by Gordon Light (1944- ) - Browning - MIDI file transcribed by Douglas Carter

DRAW THE CIRCLE WIDE - theme of the 2007 General Synod meeting in Winnipeg.