Harold Macdonald's Muse

Coming to Us

Harold Macdonald

That Jesus was raised is a wonder two-fold;

an unlikely happening a story not told?

A once-in-a-death-time, his marvellous breathís

an improbable life in an earth full of death?


The mystery before us is not that oneís raised,

but that Jesus, none other, breaks open the grave;

for God who was with Him, remained to "finis"

one with his teachings and one on his tree.


The God who is Source of all things that be

broke into creation so persons could see

an oasis of life in our grim desert scene

a spring flowing up making everything green.


Jesus the sacrifice, prophet, and friend

Is Godís coming through, to us without end

No probability, no act of chance

Godís love is intention, no happenstance.