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God Arising Preexistent

Harold Macdonald

Donít you see the commitment, the effort of creation,
always going places;
every day another emergence into
a future?
Wipe the sweat from the sunís
face, hereís another dawn!
And celestial movement
the moon turns, the earth,
stars; the galaxies rush
and billions of light particles and smaller bits
everything - unfelt showers
of nutrinos racing
through your innards
God knows where or why.
in this whole universe
is still.

You have made me in your
own image. I too
emerge daily,
seek the more perfect
form. Together
we rush into kingdoms
unforeseen, the nihilo
gives birth, we
learn new
the calculus of their hidden
orders, where
entropy is but the threshold
of a new law and
death but the name we give
to the next instance.

In you God always was, from
you God rose,
through you God
spoke first in purpose,
then in truth,
then as marvel. And the hope of
perfection - that
curse and blessing! -
was shown and given,
understood and


MIDI: Thaxted by Gustav Holst from the Jupiter Suite in The Planets

MIDI file transcribed by Douglas Carter