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Jesus Bio



Harold Macdonald

Large gaps in the Jesus story are drawing authors
to fill them, wanting to complete the bio
where the Gospels are silent - writers hate a


He was single,  owned a house in Capurnaum
where he would entertain a rough lot of publicans and sinners
to which he would returned after a tour of


healing and arguing and preaching the kingdom,
the here and  now of salvation,
the people coming to him in


And before that he was a carpenter in Nazareth
building a new reality; but  keeping his thoughts
entirely to himself, silent about the Father, silent about


We are not told about his 33 years before baptism
his schooling, his religious story, the development
of his ideas or when he put away his


But then all hell broke loose; he turns the world askew
and for the joy that was set before him, endured
the cross,  becoming himself the temple not built with


where we may worship; its stones, his living body
its libations his most lively blood, its people still
the outcasts - they are his favourite guests, his grateful


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