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Sonnets of Advent The Great "O" Antiphons


William Marshall's O COME EMMANUEL -- Autumn 2007


The Great O Antiphons






Stockholm Candelabra

by Ikea




Key to Every Lock

O Clavis David


Harold Macdonald

Key to every lock, open first the womb;

be born into this deathly drama of the dark,

into the chaos of our life embark.

Unlock the gates of hell, and open up the tomb.

For we are prisoned by the things we own.

We cannot move, being burdened down by wealth;

the spirit sinks, the body knows not health,

we reap the weeds which greedily were sown.

Release the bonds of promises untrue,

the vanities which foolishly we sought

to find that emptiness was all we got;

trapped by self, we lost the  sight of You

Key to every good - find and turn the lock

So we, the path to happiness, make walk.