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Love, However
Tune, Ebenezer [369 Common Praise]

















Harold Macdonald

Pride, of human hope, deceiver
boasting dreams that cannot be;
separates the unbeliever
from the human family.
Love, however, knows its brothers
looks to God for hope fulfilled,
humbly joining hands with others
does the work that God has willed.

Envy, foe of gifted others
pits all virtues ‘gainst the self;
teaches how to hate one’s brothers
undermine their good with stealth.
Love, however, of one’s neighbours
celebrates their every worth,
praises all creative labours
as God’s purpose comes to birth

Greed, the discontented attitude
unrestricted lust for more;
with no longitude nor latitude
thief and cheat that fosters war.
Love, however, seeks abundance
in the very heart of God
daily bread is quite sufficient
leaving most to share abroad.

Planet earth is unprotected
exploitation strips it bare.
Envy, greed as one expected,
pride - together foul the air.
Love, however, brings the changes
God intends the world to see;
seas and fields and mountain ranges
as creation’s meant to be.