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Only a Synod

Harold Macdonald

It is not impossible it cannot be allowed

to be impossible that we speak to

one another and speaking,



‘though the edges of our discourse

be light years apart and the very concept

of light years is not a shared



It is not enough that we all watch

Good Morning Canada, in French

and sees the same identical smile super



People themselves must talk together

about the things that matter, like sex

and death and suicide and holiness and



A conversation taking place

a two way – God, a dialogue! –

is the only way towards a caring,

a unity


and a peace, the only way

for growth.  That is why

Canada always needs a

General Synod.


Music by Gordon Light (1944- ) - Browning - MIDI file transcribed by Douglas Carter

DRAW THE CIRCLE WIDE - theme of the 2007 General Synod meeting in Winnipeg.