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[General Synod 2007]

Harold Macdonald

Itís not of lesbians in love, this General Synod -

four breasts together in a warm embrace;

when women kiss each other,  males yawn.

We do not retch and squirm at a plethora

of nipples.


But where the cock goes rivets our attention.

Male penetration overturns

the world, annihilates our masculinity.

For doing it and not being done to, is

the man.


Itís not what is expelled that brings corruption

Itís what goes in, that is the threat, for bodily it

reverses the entire male act - we like to think. Being pierced

by bits of shrapnel,  evil thoughts, the lethal blade.

Being entered!


Do we really think that spirit is confined by flesh,

that personhood does not transcends its base,

that loveís configured  by the nature of the groin

that what one sees in flesh is what one really is?

Godís genitals?


Vote then according to the bounding spirit

Which bonds in unpredicted ways with all;

That makes the sun a brother, even death a friend

That kisses lepers, strokes the wolf behind the ear

And speaks to birds


And do not vote according to the flesh, ass

clenched against an unknown thing.

Whoís to know - some good may inward pass

Some gift, some enema that grace will bring

to General Synod.


Music by Gordon Light (1944- ) - Browning - MIDI file transcribed by Douglas Carter

DRAW THE CIRCLE WIDE - theme of the 2007 General Synod meeting in Winnipeg.