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Responsible Government



Harold Macdonald

The water purification plant has conked out again
and Iíve told the people on the reserve to boil
water on the stove. Thereís not enough money

You canít build your brotherís two-car garage
and put in a new sink for his wifeís auntie Bloodtree
and hand-outs to the relatives and run a

And if the bitchers are still complaining
itís only because of their unjustified comments
during the election,  injurious to the guys in power -

So why should they expect favours? Let them
fix the mould in their own houses! I donít
have to report to them where the money

Why be a chief if you canít have some small
privilege, some little perks of office?
Look at the wads of dough in the hands of Mr.


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