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Sonnets of Advent The Great "O" Antiphons


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The Great ďOĒ Antiphons






Stockholm Candelabra

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Root of Jesse

O Radix Jesse

Harold Macdonald

Root of Jesse, nourished by the Fatherís grace

Grows up from earth to heaven, the tree of life

There hangs our Peace, the very end of strife

With tears and suffering love upon His face,

another David, Israelís second boast.

The kingdom, promised, finally comes in Him.

Kings fall before Him, Gentiles sing their hymns

To praise the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

The root is not the tree, nor first, the last;

nor is fulfillment at the very start

When God took Israel to Godís very heart;

but at the end, when nails held Jesus fast.

Salvation enters history from the Jews

They, the first to hear the gracious news.