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Harold Macdonald Christmas Poetry



The Silent Sounds
of Christmas Day



Harold Macdonald

Alleluia! The soundless shout comes across the frozen lake.

Winds rise and fade, the world holds its breath,

in stillness wakens not the babe of God, the worldís guest

speechless at a birth for all creationís sake.


Silent praise is the songís soul today.

You hear it in the musicís many strange directions

as jazz and gospel warp cathedral choir perfections

honouring equally the child upon the hay.


Is it not Beingís echo, the necessary substratum,

this quiet whence all arises and subsides?

The hollow core in which good and truth resides

in all thatís said, in every datum?


The noise obliterates when we assert, proclaim,

yet the silent sound of Being is still the same




Midi: Bonn

Background: Frozen Lake Michigan