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Sonnets of Advent The Great "O" Antiphons


William Marshall's O COME EMMANUEL -- Autumn 2007


The Great O Antiphons






Stockholm Candelabra

by Ikea



O Sapientia


Harold Macdonald

Wisdom is love’s way of doing everything,

The caring form of God’s outgoing.

It is the secret of the Father’s knowing

How God gives joy, and makes creation sing.

Wisdom knits the heart to love, the wing to flight,

Joins gloomy thoughts to hopes of life to come

And shapes the noisy universe as one,

upholds the good and true, for they are God’s delight.

Wisdom is the knowledge of the other;

Knows the sacrifice to reach the hurt,

to lift the one who’s prostrate in the dirt.

It is the Christ, our Lord, our Friend and Brother

A pinch of Wisdom, sprinkled every time

Makes the difference ‘tween vinegar and wine.