Harold Macdonald's Muse

The Bowflex

Harold MacdonaldBowflex is the revolution everyone

has yearned for

the giver of rippling abs, the swelling

biceps, (the tan comes by other means):

a rev too far for me, although I walk

and walk with aching hips

and legs, (short of blood)

pressing on behind

the romping dog

but never working off the love handles,

the sagging belly.


They donít mention the Peak Freans,

or ice cream and those long, empty,


The freezer calls

my name;


Harold, I am all thatís left;

your last excess". Not by

alcoholism, not obesity, not

gluttony and

certainly not lust, (with most of my

equipment lost in surgery) -


by ice cream! How humiliating is

old age.