Harold Macdonald's Muse


Cosmic Lottery


Harold Macdonald

Did we notice that near miss while we were squabbling?

That asteroid which sailed by closer than the moon?

Another ice age in the offing, a termination all too soon!

Skittish providence, our future bobbling.!


We may be the chosen ones; we may survive.

Creation’s lottery might not wipe us out

and historians will laud our story and will shout

it to the stars; no one to hear, for no one else alive


Or in the fashion of a likely consequence

of other bangs as big as ours or more

our universe may perish in some cosmic war

forcing God to try more adequate defence.


No doubt some universe will find the art

to give the life force better chance to rise;

to overcome destruction from the skies

and conquer human hatred in the heart


Then the kingdom will have finally come to pass

and nevermore the deluge from creation come

and they will think they were the only ones

unaware of those who lived and tried but did not last.