Harold Macdonald's Muse


Dumping Saul

Harold Macdonald

It didnít take God long to dump King Saul

when David, Jesseís son, came into view;

bright eyes, and ruddy cheeks and God just knew

that this young man would be Godís all in all,

What if Bathshebaís husband paid the price ?

Prim, boring, man could well have played the game

become the father of King Davidís shame

enjoyed his leave, enjoyed his gorgeous wife.

He did not know you could not love too much.

But David - love came spilling out of him

for Johnathan, and Absolom oír brimmed

and love for God; and all that Javweh touched.

Excessive love, a blend of tears, affection

Is just the recipe for Godís confection.