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I Hear The Sound Of Jesus’ Name
Tune, Kingsfold

















Harold Macdonald

I hear the sound of Jesus’ name
sweet music to the heart
I called the living Lord, he came
and did not stand apart.
A melody of life and light
that sings in sorr’wing minds
and in his song all power and might
most gentle and most kind.


I hear the sound of Jesus’ name
like water pure; it soothes
our wounds, and makes them clean again
His name is our good news.
Refreshment for the pilgrims’ thirst
comes streaming from above.
Before we knew he knew us first
the Elixir of love.


I hear the sound of Jesus’ name
The Lord is at the door
with bread we need to win the game
with life for evermore.
The bread of heaven is nourishment
where’re his name is known
sufficient food for those He sent
for those He calls his own.


I hear the sound of that dear name
at once my load is light,
his love removes my sense of shame
his dawn dispels my night.
To all who hunger for a life
who sit in darkness still
his name will bring an end to strife
the kingdom of God’s will