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Sonnets of Advent The Great "O" Antiphons


William Marshall's O COME EMMANUEL -- Autumn 2007


The Great O Antiphons






Stockholm Candelabra

by Ikea




King of Nations

O Rex Gentium


Harold Macdonald

The nations are unquiet yet they seek

a peace. Only with so many soldiers dead,

when slaughter has depleted citizens instead;

then peace may come and yet of war they speak. 

Kings do not build the world with one another,

Their labours fail without a Cornerstone.

Each makes an annex only for his own

Does not respect the bound’ries of the brother.

Peace comes to nations who obey the Christ

Surrendering their future to the King of kings

Giving ground until negotiation brings

A common structure based on sacrifice.

Only then, can citizens rejoice

praise God with heart and mind and voice.