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Sonnets of Advent The Great "O" Antiphons


William Marshall's O COME EMMANUEL -- Autumn 2007


The Great O Antiphons






Stockholm Candelabra

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O Come Emmanuel


Harold Macdonald

Come again, O God, Emmanuel,

Liberator come, now set us free.

Victory flows by grace from Calvary’s tree

Through faith,  beats down the very gates of Hell.

May we appropriate the power thereof

and Christ become triumphant in our lives

become the places where your goodness thrives,

be mirrors of the Lord’s outrageous love.

Come, ‘specially, to the millions suffering;

to children, victims of the ceaseless war,

(to die so young is not what they are for).

For this, receive our tiny offering.

Come Emmanuel show now your heavenly power

and to the world’s weak, be their strong tower.