Harold Macdonald's Muse


Armistice - November 11Remembrance Day, 2006

LCol, Canon John Fletcher with Canadian Troops in Norway

Harold Macdonald

England, God and good and war and me

Fell off the wall together, I was ten

Forever omelet, gelled and cooked right then

And nothing could unscramble that identity.


(World War One, a prelude to my view of things)

So when the cannons blast on a Remembrance Day

They celebrate, in spite of winterís gloom and grey,

The song of good, of life; which, in me, God sings


And it has served me well. I daily raise my voice

To give lament or offer praise

These many years and many days

And act upon the opportunities for choice


And. the while, the mixture has held strong -

history struggling hard and working out

muddling through, for thatís what itís about.

No need to stray, from where I yet I belong


England, God and me and war and good

Each lit the others; bright and strong we stood.


Lt.Col., The Reverend Canon John Fletcher