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The Seasons - a winter hymn
















Harold Macdonald

Fall of snow makes all things new

perfect for a month or two;

underneath, decay and mold,

put on temporary hold. 


Spring, the wheel will turn again

summer sun and autumn rain

then the winter tolls the bell,

nature’s  endless  carousel.


Only Christ can change the heart,

love provide another start.

Only Spirit breaks the wheel

only Jesus’ hands can heal


Then the new year will be new

counted righteous , through and through

fear and violence, truly past

trust and grace and love, at last!


God our winter, at the crčche

God our spring when life is fresh

God our summer, God our growth

end and consummation, both.


to the tune: Song 13

Orlando Gibbons

180, Common Praise

MIDI file transcribed by Douglas Carter