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An Imperfect Life

poetry by Fr. Harold Macdonald

The Series


Native Ministry


St Mary's First Nation






God desecrates the Church with disrepute;

Divine destruction utterly complete!

Priest-pedophiles, the native children cheat;

deliberate blindness thought to be astute.

Godís foolishness is greater than our smarts!

Our stealthy leaders to injustice lead

vow to oppose with vigour, native need.

The victimsí worth we weighed not with our hearts.

And more: the bliss that signifies Christís love

is now the battle ground of holy hate

of rules - a thicket; who may be oneís mate

or where one may, with what appendage, shove.

For five and twenty million, sold our soul!

Mind not! Godís providence is in control.


(The Indian Residential Agreement, signed by every Anglican diocese, requires signatories to ďoppose with vigourĒ any attempt by native people to obtain redress from the courts for loss of culture and language, for which the Government of Canada was willing to cap Church restitution for sexual abuse to only $25 million.)