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An Imperfect Life

poetry by Fr. Harold Macdonald

The Series


Native Ministry


St Mary's First Nation




The Residential School Agreement


Itís said that God, the IRS* eschews;

but Aboriginals, God shares their lot,

(íthough Anglicans some promises forgot!).

Indeed, Godself, the victims will not lose.

The native poor, the powerless, ignored,

those whose tongue and culture soon extinguished

those whose well-ness was allowed to languish,

(expendable!), on whom our scorn is poured,

will sit on thrones when God returns to reign

judge the Church ďopposing them with vigorĒ

who stripped their rights, with self-serving rigour

and all the while, self-giving love would feign.

Church of Esau, forfeiting its birthright,

Pretending that itís not in heavenís sight.


* Indian Residential Schools