Lenten Poem

Rowan Williams in his book, The Trial of Christ,  thinks that there is a progression in the trial in which transcendence becomes apparent; for me, than means a time when the language can change from compromise to single-minded clarity. And does change. here is a sonnet I owe to Rowan Williams and to the "I am" of Jesus. My meditation for the evening. [March 5, 2004] 


See the Lenten Study that prompted this poem at Christ on Trial



There is a time when scales fall from the eyes
when might stands clear without deceit
caring not the where or when or whys,
its lie required not, its arrogance complete.
Power pretends as if to please
briefly bows before its god
then, unabashed, displays its sleaze
strips off good will like husking pods.
Then the truth will out and God will speak it plain
The time for coaxing words being past
Equivocation never crosses lips again
The prophet speaks the word at last!
In such a way, the Last Day comes in miniature
The truth lies close! Will come if only we endure!

Poems from the Eighth Decade
Copyright Harold Macdonald 2004
used with permission

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