Lenten Poem

The study of Mark, session 1 of Christ on Trial, elicits the following meditation.


A crown of thorns, exquisite ridicule!
two truths entwined each to each oppose;
the one a regal sign however cruel
the other sharply signifying the rose.
Their pseudo-sovereign tolerates the shame.
Composed, He meekly bears the accolade.
They worship, knowing not how close they came
to the King of all, eternal made.
Mockery’s a dish best served up plain,
as clumsy imitation rudely done;
too witty, it can boomerang again
reverse the subject/object of the fun.
Those whose deeds are dark and steeped with scorn
May come to worship God before the morn.

Poems from the Eighth Decade
Copyright © Harold Macdonald 2004
used with permission

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