Octave Day of Easter
Easter Festival of Readings, Hymns

and Communion
Book of Alternative Services

The following Readings

from the New Revised Standard Version

will be read by Baden-Powell members.


216, Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem, St. Fulbert

Greeting of the Community for Easter, 185
Glory to God, German Mass
The Collect for the Day, 336
Chancel-step talk with the youth

235, Myrrh-Bearing Mary, Myrrh-Bearing Mary

Beginning John's witness

Psalm 16: 5-11, seated, responsively at the *, led by the Lector, 719

Continuing John's witness

228, Alleluia! O Sons and Daughters, O Filii et Fillae

Concluding John's witness

Psalm 133, seated, responsively at the *, led by the Lector, 890

Beginning Luke's witness

220, Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen, All Saints

Continuing Luke's witness

Psalm 2, seated, responsively at the *, led by the Lector, 705

Concluding Luke's witness

378, Crown Him with Many Crowns, Diademata

Matthew's witness

Prayers of the People: for Easter
Confession, Absolution and The Peace

203, Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Easter Hymn

Great Thanksgiving 5
Prayer after Communion
Eucharistic Minister: Let us bless the Lord! Alleluia!
Response: Thanks be to God! Alleluia!

210, Yours Be the Glory, Risen, Conquering Son, Maccabaeus


From Ashes to Easter