Of Lenten things...


Aldous N. Gaiters Reading many thoughtful ruminations

Has very much added to the stations.

Of my academic work on Lent.

Now it's going much better than it went,

Thanks to such insightful illuminations.


I soon found a nice letter by the Saintly Ken;

A Lenten ad clerum to his diocesan men.

It calls for them to support

Those of a Protestant sort,

Huguenot refugees come amongst them.


Father Congreve’s piece on Advance,

It's finding was indeed a lucky chance.

He says some uplifting things about Lent as spring,

Nature preparing and green is a happy thing.

If the rest were less dark, I'd dance.


There's the old, rather simple tack of self-denial:

Some of those practices just strike me as vile.

It's s solipsistic indulgence to focus so on the self,

When reaching out to others manifests Christian wealth.

Getting Lent right surely isn't such a selfish trial.


One can certainly make Lent very dour.

Altars plain and covered until the hour

When the saviour comes to Redeem us all

An apposite but nasty recollection of the Fall.

But part of Lent is for us to gather spiritual power.


With a Reaching out, not in

A glorification can begin

Temperance and striving for good are welcome.

Self-indulgence of any sort should be less than seldom

Happy I am to be an Anglican


Aldous N. Gaiters   X 2011

Ashes to Easter