Christ on TrialChrist on Trial

How the Gospel Unsettles Our Judgement

by Rowan Williams

Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop Rowan Williams

The Fredericton Institute of Christian Studies

is offering a pre-Lenten course:

[Wednesday evenings in February 2005]

Facilitator: Canon Jim Irvine

Tuition: $40.00


“I know what you want.  You want a story that won’t surprise you.  That will confirm what you already know.  That won’t make you see higher or further or differently.  You want a flat story.  An immobile story.  You want dry, yeastless factuality.”

- Pi in A Life of Pi


Participants will be exposed to excerpts from

Franz Kafka’s The Trial, Albert Camus’ The Outsider,

Yann Martel’s A Life of Pi

Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita


Jean Vanier’s Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus

along with art by

Caravaggio, Jan Komski,

Johanne Koelz and Marc Chagall.



Canon Jim Irvine

Course Outline and Rationale

Supplement (handout) Eucharist


Materials for Wednesday, February 2

Mark’s The Gospel account

Christ on Trial - Voices at Midnight

The Master and Margarita: Pilate by Bulgakov

There is a time for Truth by Harold Macdonald

Supplement Chagall’s Exodus

Supplement Chagall’s White Crucifixion


Materials for Ash Wednesday, February 9

Ashes will be imposed at this Session

Matthew’s Gospel account

Christ on Trial - Wisdom in Exile

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Who Comes from God? by Patrick Michaels

Supplement Pi and Father Martin dialogue

Supplement (handout) Sophia: St Paul’s metaphor*


Materials for Wednesday, February 16

Luke’s Gospel account

Christ on Trail - Knocking on the Window

The Outsider: The Lawyer by Albert Camus

The Outsider: The Priest by Albert Camus

No Use Knocking on the Window by Sydney Carter

Draw the Circle Wide by Gordon Light

Supplement Every Star Shall Sing a Carol


Materials for Wednesday, February 23

John’s Gospel account

Christ on Trial - Home and Away

The Trial: In the Cathedral by Franz Kafka

Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus by Jean Vanier

Supplement Caravaggio’s Ecce Homo

Supplement Jan Komski’s Ecce Homo

Supplement Koelz’s Thou Shalt Not Kill



Caravaggio: Ecce Homo - Behold the Man Jan Komski: Ecce Homo - Behold the Man Koelz tryptich left - thou shalt not killKoelz tryptich center - Thou Shalt Not KillKoelz tryptich right - Thou Shalt Not Kill Marc Chagall: The White Crucifixion Marc Chagall: Exodus

* handout as Greek fonts do not easily

carry over to the PDF format


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